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"Engineering today is understood as the set of principles, rules, norms, knowledge and practices that are professionally applied to have the bases, resources and objects, materials and man-made systems to plan, design, evaluate , plan, organize, operate equipment and provide goods and services, for purposes of responding to the needs required by society. As a result can not be isolated to the process changes caused by globalization and internationalization, characterized by the change standards that in some way affect the realities of the country, and therefore local realities".
Asdrubal Valencia Giraldo, Exercise of engineering in Colombia and the world. ACOFI, 1999.


Development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, materials and processes.

The engineering of the building "is the study and implementation by specialists of various branches of technology applied to the building," according to the Royal Spanish Academy.

It is a profession that includes a diverse set of disciplines covers the management of the implementation process, both project management and direction of the execution of your advice and consultation in the field of construction, structural and projection facilities construction, project management, urban management, management of construction companies, developers and promoters, analysis and calculation of costs and budgets, managing the use, conservation and comprehensive maintenance of the building and everything related to security and occupational health and quality control in construction. Distinguish inside the building, residential (single family, horizontal, vertical, industrial ...), (ships, resorts, factories, warehouses, distribution centers ...), commercial (restaurants, shops, offices ...) and institutional (educational, sports, religious, hospitals, cultural, recreational ...). In turn, the building can be classified into public and private.

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