Our professional activity comprises “a set of diverse disciplines that cover the management of the execution process, both the construction management and the management of the material execution, advice and consultation within the field of building and industry, project management, urban management, management of construction companies and developers, analysis and calculation of costs and budgets, management of the use, conservation and integral maintenance of the building, as well as everything related to occupational health and safety and quality control in construction works”.

Services provided by LEING

  • Preliminary studies and preliminary projects.
  • Drafting of engineering projects.
  • Management and control of works and installations.
  • Integral project management.
  • Turnkey execution.
  • Health and safety studies and projects.
  • Engineering management in integral maintenance.
  • Technical assistance and audits of installation projects.
  • Detailed studies for public tenders for the execution of works and installations.
  • Compliance with the technical building code (CTE); DB-HR DB-SI DB-HE DB-HE DB-SUA LIDER CALENER.
  • Energy audits in industry and tertiary activities.
  • Construction licenses. Environmental licenses.
  • Management with supply companies.
  • Management and processing with public administrations.
  • Study and management of subsidies and public aid.
  • Assistance in the start-up of installations.
  • Quality control and operation tests.
  • Reports, audits and appraisals of installations.
  • Industrial building. Integral management.
  • Study and implementation of industrial processes.
  • Machinery implementation and compliance.
  • Renewable energies. Study, development and execution; photovoltaic solar plants, solar thermal plants, wind energy, cogeneration facilities, geothermal, etc.
Universitat de València
Universidad Miguel Hernández
Universitat de València
Universidad Miguel Hernández

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